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Stunt Car Racing - Multiplayer


Multiplayer stunt racing action awaits you in this stunt car racing game, with over 30 cars available to race! Race and chase your opponents to become a stunt driving expert and master all game modes. Use your winnings to upgrade and customize your car or buy over 30 new cars!Enjoy an advanced driving physics engine, using drifting and nitro rocket boosts to speed around the maps like a stunt driving pro! Remember drifting and airtime restores your nitro boost bar!
Multiplayer mode pits you against up to 15 other drivers in an extreme test of driving skill. Compete for credits and unlock your favourite car in these exciting game modes!
• Star mode - In this frantic mode your aim is to collect as many stars as possible. You’ll see Gold/Silver/Bronze stars fall from the sky, be sure to grab as many as you can before others. Grab gold stars 1st as they’re worth the most! The victor is the user with the most points at the end, it’s up to you to become the winner & win those all important credits.
• Flag frenzy - Be the fastest to the flag at any cost, the flag will spawn randomly at different points on the map. Make sure you’re the 1st to grab it. Use your driving skill and your nitro to get the most flags before the time limit runs out.
• Infection mode - One player will spawn as the zombie car, watch out for the car covered in zombie slime! The zombie car must tag the others players who will then turn into zombies also!
• Race mode - Race other players around the racing tracks set out all over the stunt car arenas. Crazy stunt jumps & traps to challenge to most pro of drivers. Can you prove yourself to be the best multiplayer racer on stunt car racing?
• Stunt mode - Perform flips, spins and the perfect landing to score some extreme stunt scores in this epic game mode. Use the speed of your car to jump off ramps/buildings to gain airtime and highscores!
• Battle mode - Gain points by shooting at your enemy. 1 hit = 1 point. No prisoners! This is war!
• FOG Arena• The Park• Ice Cap• Ocean Bed• Town• Farm• Port• Aircraft Carrier• Block Arena• Airport• Shopping Mall• Coliseum Arena• Race Track

Won a few games? Earned coins for taking part? Get yourself to the garage for that much needed improvement to your vehicle! Tired of the same vehicle you’ve been using? You can buy yourself a new one with your winnings!
Upgrade your Top Speed, Acceleration, Braking & Handling to give you the edge you might need on your opponent. Each vehicle has it’s own unique driving & handling If you just want to glamourise yourself, buy yourself a fancy decal from the shop!

Don’t feel like playing with others? We have that covered too! Stunt Car Racing solo modes enable you to free roam in our FOG Arena.
Try modes such as Bowling Blitz, Pinball Panic, Flag Frenzy, Military Mayhem & Star mode! Can you get a high score and become top of the leader board?! Show off to your friends!